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Brief CV and Publications

Jan 2021 -

Co-founder and Vice President - Prosocial.World

June 2016 -

Director, facilitator, executive coach and psychologist. Prosocial Institute

July 2019 -

Visiting Associate Professor, Crawford School of Public Policy ANU

Jan 2015 - Dec 2019

Senior Research Fellow. Institute for Positive Psychology and Education. Australian Catholic University

Jan 2008 - Dec 2014

Associate Professor, Organisational Psychology. Crawford School of Public Policy, College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU.  Member of the Research School for the Asia-Pacific

A Young Man with a Notebook

Recent Publications


Atkins, P. W. B., Wilson, D. S., & Hayes, S. C. (Oct 2019). Prosocial: Using Evolutionary Science to Build Productive, Equitable, and Collaborative Groups: New Harbinger.

Reb, J. & Atkins P.W.B. (2015) Mindfulness in Organisations.  Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapters:

Craven, R., Marsh, H., Ryan, R. M., Atkins, P.W.B., Dicke, T., Guo, J., Gallagher, P., Van Zanden, B., Kennedy, M., & Birch. P. (In press). A critical social justice issue of our time: Enabling police wellbeing. In P. Birch, M. Kennedy, & E. Kruger (Eds.), Australian policing: Critical issues in 21st century police practice (1st ed.). London, UK: Routledge.

Moran, D. J., Atkins, P. W. B., Batten, S. V., & Gamble, M. A. (in press). Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACTraining): Using Contextual Behavioral Science in Organizational Psychology. In P. Lucena-Santos, S.A. Carvalho, J. Pinto-Gouveia, M.S. Oliveira, & J. Pistorello (Eds.). Manual Internacional de Fundamentos Teóricos e Práticos da Terapia de Aceitação e Compromisso [International Handbook of Theoretical and Practical Foundations of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy]. Camaquã, RS: Editora Fênix Sefarad.

Hayes, S. C., Atkins, P., & Wilson, D. S. (in press). Prosocial: Using an evolutionary approach to modify cooperation in small groups. Chapter to appear in R. Houmanfar,  M. Fryling, & M. Alavosius (Eds). Applied behavior science in organizations: Consilience of historical and emerging trends in organizational behavior management. New York: Springer.

Atkins, P. W. B. (2018). PROSOCIAL: Using CBS to Build Flexible, Healthy Relationships. In D. S. Wilson & S. C. Hayes (Eds.), Evolution and contextual behavioral science: An integrated framework for understanding, predicting, and influencing human behavior. Oakland, CA: Context Press / New Harbinger Publications.

Atkins, P. W. B. and R. Styles (2015). Mindfulness, Identity and Work: Mindfulness Training Creates a More Flexible Sense of Self. In J. Reb and P. W. B. Atkins Mindfulness in Organisations (pp. 133-162). Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Reb, J. & Atkins P.W.B. (2015) The importance of Mindfulness in Organisations.  In J. Reb and P. W. B. Atkins Mindfulness in Organisations (pp. 1-16). Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

Atkins, P. W. B., Hassed, C., & Fogliati, V. (2015). Mindfulness improves work engagement, wellbeing and performance in a university setting. In R. J. Burke, K. M. Page, & C. L. Cooper (Eds.), Flourishing in Life, Work, and Careers: Individual Wellbeing and Career Experiences. New Horizons in Management. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

 Atkins, P. W. B. (2013). Even when facing a global change emergency, suspend judgment and listen. In R. Douglas (Ed.), Placing global change on the Australian election agenda (pp. 57-59). Canberra, Australia: Australia21 Ltd.

Atkins, P. W. B. (2013). Empathy, self-other differentiation and mindfulness. In K. Pavlovich & K. Krahnke (Eds.), Organizing Through Empathy: Routledge.

Atkins, P. W. B. (2011). Building Trust at the Beginning of a New Leadership Role: The role of learning and collaboration. In P. t Hart & J. Uhr (Eds.), How Power Changes Hands: Transition and Succession in Government (pp. 191-207). Sydney: Palgrave Macmillan.

Atkins, P. W. B. (2008). Leadership as response not reaction: Wisdom and mindfulness in public sector leadership. In P. t Hart & J. Uhr (Eds.), Public Leadership: Perspectives and Practices. Canberra: ANU E-Press.

Atkins, P. W. B. (2006). Emotional Intelligence and Age: Why doesn’t it go up? In C. Stough, D. H. Saklofske & K. Hansen (Eds.), Emotional Intelligence: International Symposium 2005 (pp. 41-50). Croydon: Tertiary Press.

Recent Journal Publications by Year

Costanza, R., et al. (in press). "Common Asset Trusts to Effectively Steward Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services at Multiple Scales." Journal of Environmental Management.


Wilson, D. S., Philip, M. M., MacDonald, I. F., Atkins, Paul W. B. & Kniffin, K. M. (2020). "Core design principles for nurturing organization-level selection." Nature Scientific Reports 10(1): 13989.


Donald, J. N., Sahdra, B. K., Van Zanden, B., Duineveld, J. J., Atkins, P. W. B., Marshall, S. L., & Ciarrochi, J. (2019). Does your mindfulness benefit others? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the link between mindfulness and prosocial behaviour. British Journal of Psychology, 110(1), 101-125.


Chambers, I., Costanza, R., Zingus, L., Cork, S., Hernandez, M., Sofiullah, A., . . . Harte, S. (2018). A public opinion survey of four future scenarios for Australia in 2050. Futures.

Styles, R., & Atkins, P. W. B. (2018). Measuring Perceptions of Self and Others in What People Say: A Replication and Extension of the Functional Self-Discrimination Measure. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 9, 45-52.


Atkins, P. W. B., Ciarrochi, J., Gaudiano, B. A., Bricker, J. B., Donald, J., Rovner, G., . . . Hayes, S. C. (2017). Departing from the Essential Features of a High Quality Systematic Review of Psychotherapy: A Response to Öst (2014) and Recommendations for Improvement. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 97, 259-272.

Christie, A. M., Atkins, P. W. B., & Donald, J. (2017). The meaning and doing of mindfulness: The role of values in the link between mindfulness and well-being. Mindfulness, 8, 368–378.

Costanza, R., Atkins, P. W. B., Bolton, M., Cork, S., Grigg, N. J., Kasser, T., & Kubiszewski, I. (2017). Overcoming societal addictions: What can we learn from individual therapies? Ecological Economics, 131(January), 543-550.

Costanza, R., Atkins, P. W. B., Bolton, M., Cork, S., Grigg, N. J., Kasser, T., & Kubiszewski, I. (2017). Societal addiction therapy: from motivational interviewing to Community Engaged Scenario Planning. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 26, 47-53. doi:

Donald, J. N., Atkins, P. W. B., Parker, P., & Christie, A. (2017). Cognitive defusion predicts more approach and less avoidance coping with stress, independent of threat and self-efficacy appraisals. Journal of personality, 85(5), 716-729.


Atkins, P. W. B., & Styles, R. (2016). Measuring self and rules in what people say: A behavioral measure of self-discrimination predicts wellbeing. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 5(2), 71-79.

Ciarrochi, J., Atkins, P. W. B., Hayes, L., Sahdra, B. K., & Parker, P. (2016). Contextual positive psychology: Policy recommendations for implementing positive psychology into schools. Frontiers in Psychology, 7(Oct), 1561.

Donald, J. N., & Atkins, P. W. B. (2016). Mindfulness and coping with stress: do levels of perceived stress matter? . Mindfulness, 7, 1423-1436.

Donald, J. N., Atkins, P. W. B., Parker, P., & Christie, A. M. R., Richard. (2016). Daily stress and the benefits of mindfulness: Examining the daily and longitudinal relations between present-moment awareness and stress responses. Journal of Research in Personality, 65, 30-37.


Costanza, R., I. Kubiszewski, S. Cork, P.W.B. Atkins, A. Bean, A. Diamond, N. Grigg, E. Korb, J. Logg-Scarvell, R. Navis, and K. Patrick. (2015) Scenarios for Australia in 2050: A synthesis and proposed survey. Journal of Future Studies 19(3), 49-76.


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Atkins, P. W. B., & Parker, S. K. (2012). Understanding individual compassion in organizations: the role of appraisals and psychological flexibility. Academy of Management Review, 37(4): 524-546. [UWA Business School Dean’s Best Paper Prize, 2013]

Atkins, P. W. B. (2012). Elemental realism and pragmatism in psychology: Making our assumptions clear. International Coaching Psychology Review  7(1), 101-105.

Smout, M., L., Hayes, L., Atkins, P.W.B., Klaussen J., Duguid J.E. (2012). The empirically supported status of acceptance and commitment therapy: An update. Clinical Psychologist, 16, 97–109.

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